Chapter News

Wassermans win written by Wasserman

It was a bit of a sloppy start to the day, with two very strong bloodies before tee time, and a bit of a chill in the air. Started the round with two bogeys and two doubles before the ball stayed a little steadier in my vision. I was neck and neck with Eric Anderson with each of us at 9 over after the front nine. He proceeded to win the biggest meltdown on the back nine, while I rallied. I also noticed that Mike’s longest drive was about 100 yards past my drive – clearly juicing.

I was a bit disheartened that James beat me by four feet on the closest to the pin – had a nasty kick to the side when my ball hit the green. One highlight of the round was the fourteenth hole – par five. I hit an approach shot to five feet to put in my only birdie. After that, some of our fans chimed into the GroupMe with messages of encouragement, with both two-time winner of the Am Am Neil Howard calling the shots from his honeymoon in the Pacific islands, and Nell Lapres, one year MGA veteran encouraging me to “beat Rod.” They also pointed out that I was winning with the penalty strokes Mike had, which I was unaware of. With that additional motivation, I was able to finish with a strong +1 on the last two holes to pull out the victory. Arduini and Bernecker clearly were the dynamic duo of the day, pulling away with the trophie, but we also had another duo – Dan Frankowski and Marshall Shortledge, duking it out to see who would play the red tees at The Bastards. Dan ended up winning that one and was in great spirits throughout the round. -Max

Event Results

1.Max Wasserman88$1.12
2.Rod Knozzle89$0.74
3.Michael Brusich91$0.59
3.Sean McGee91$0.59
5.Matt Arduini93$0.50
6.Jon Mueller97$0.43
7.Eric Johnson98$0.37
8.James Hickman99$0.22
8.Logan Bernecker99$0.22
8.Kyle Scott99$0.22
8.Mike Mallder99$0.22
12.Eric Anderson101$0.06
13.Keith Mallder102$0.06
14.Carl Gottgetreu106$0.04
15.Sam Fenker111$0.03
16.Zach Wester117$0.02
17.Chad Meyers118$0.00
18.Shannon Lupton121$0.00
19.Marshall Shortledge127$0.00
20.Dan Frankowski129$0.00