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Watch The MGA Co-Founders Test Out The New MGA Team World Championship Format

THE INTERNET, CA - We had us a nice lil Friday last week, trying out the 2-medio scramble format that we'll be using for the BRAND NEW Team World Championship this year in Vegas. This is a bonus event that will happen the day after (Wed. Nov 13th) the World Championship concludes and it's open to anyone who played in the WC or the Born Hairy.

You can pick whoever you want as a partner and your MGA handicap will determine how many penalty strokes your team gets. The penalty strokes are the main thing we need to test right now to make sure this is a fair fight.

Willie found a USGA formula specifically for 2-person scramble events, so we plugged in our numbers and wouldn't you know it, our two teams were dead even. So we played straight up and it seemed to work out pretty well. Next we'll do a test with some lopsided teams to see if things still come out competitive.

The fireworks start early in this first test. Enjoy!

We'll run some more tests with more lopsided teams and keep you in the loop as we figure things out. As always, the only place to look for the most up to date and official info on the MGAWC is

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For those flying home on Thursday. Good luck!

After everything is polished and settled for the Wednesday scramble, it would be cool to have some sort of way to pair players up with other players that want to play but don't have a partner. May be a lot of work, but just a suggestion!

Is there a course named yet for the Scramble?

A free agent pool!!!