Chapter News

We started where we finished!




It was as if we never left, San Diego's season opener was held where last season ended!!

The rain clouds cleared just in time for the first group to tee off and it was a sunny day from there on out, but there were some big clouds following a number of the palyers from the San Diego MGA. With our most mediocre golfers shooting a 107 it was not so sunny for most!!

With a total of 17 medios (a new record for the San Diego MGA), it looks like this year could be a fun one. We would like to welcome the 8 newbies that came out. Welcome Josue, Javi, Jose, Cristian, Cliff, Paul, Jaime and George. We also had two visitors from up North Kimikpo and Keith (sanbagger) Hostert; way to choke at Copa and then come down and crushor balls in San Diego. Trash talk aside, nice game and congrats. 

Congratulations to the winners of the two headed trophy Lee and Jeff! George, bring the key the red tee is all yours next month, actually you will have the biggest benefit at Mt. Woodson, target golf at it's finest.


Until next month, I will retire my typing skills and lack of correct grammar!!