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We Survived the World Championships!

8 Medios descended on Las Vegas November 10th and 11th for the 2017 MGAWC.

For all but two, this was our first visit to the World Championships and all YKMGAers made a week or more out of the trip to Las Vegas from Yellowknife.

Quickly YKMGAers found that they were a sought after bunch. El Presidente had posted a promotional video made by NWT Tourism and the Yellowknife Golf Club on actual play at the Yellowknife Golf Club on  .  Many Medios were shocked at conditions in Yellowknife. The sand fairways, 24 hour daylight, Astroturf greens and hitting mats and wanted to meet someone who golfed in Yellowknife.

As we arrived at the Revere we were treated almost like celebrities by the other chapters and greated with open arms and usually a shot or two as our Chapter Leader Shaun Moose Morris found out.   Day two started a little blurry after first round shots at the Revere Golf Course and the Winchester Bar at Sam’s Town.


Playing on grass was a large hurdle to overcome for YKMGAers with everyone trying to fit in a practice round or two before the weekend.  Half the group took in practice rounds at the Revere on Thursday, which had our hopes set fairly high until the tees locations and flag placements were changed for the tournament.

In true mediocre fashion, Chapter Leader Moose and co-founder Hughie played together on day 1 after playing the Yellowknife events (and year round golf) together. Other Medios from Yellowknife were sprinkled around to the delight of Medios from around the US.

Four golfers from Yellowknife came in to the MGAWC17 not qualified to challenge for the World Championship Belt.  However after day 1, with a score of 103 - Meredith finished in the top half of the field which made her eligible to play for the WC Belt!  Meredith’s day one score was also the best out of all the Yellowknife chapter members!  In true Yellowknife Mediocre fashion, Meredith stumbled on to a new cocktail that kept her “hydrated” on day two and she shot a 117, finishing in 128th place overall.

It’s no surprise that with the most number of ladies in any MGA Chapter that half of the Yellowknife contingent were ladies. They were welcomed with open arms by all Medios, even joining in an “all ladies crew” at the World Championship. 

The 10th Anniversary 2018 World Championship is slated for November 9th and 10th in Las Vegas at the Revere Golf Club. With the stories being told by the eight golfers attending in 2017, I would expect a much larger contingent heading to Vegas for MGAWC18

Out of the 176 players who were eligible for The World Championship Belt (41 didn’t qualify or survive Friday) the Yellowknife Medios finished as below

132nd Chris

128th Meredith

119th John

94th  Hughie 

94th  Moose

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Panel Of Experts (2)


Ahh the ole Gibby photo bomb! Great meeting you guys!

Yellowknife truly knows how to enjoy the MGAWC. See you in 10 months!