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What a Difference a Year Makes

Inland Empire's membership soars to start year 2, instantly making them a legitimate threat for MGAWC18 !!!


New Medios Shine and take the Big Check and AM-AM Trophies, but not without a respectable showing from some IE OG's


Another Red Key was awarded but Ricky and Ryan had no part of it !!! 


And ... Jstar gets naked ... 



CORONA, CA-  On 3/17/18, the now bloated ranks of the Inland Empire MGA gathered to celebrate St. Patrick's Day and contest the Rebel Beach Am-Am at Dos Lagos Golf Club.  Nearly a year ago to the day, the IEMGA's Inagural Tournament had 8 members registered and 7 in attendance just down the road at Green River. This year, 38 Members with 30 in attendance, after two no-shows due to sickness and getting "Snowed In".  One Medio even went so far as parking his car down the road, anticipating the mountain storm, hiked there in the snow to dig himself out and drove down the mountain to make it in time... Now that's dedication!!!  Brian "Dr. Bob" Lopez didn't win any prizes on the day but our 2017 FU Open Champion rocked an awesome getup (Near top left in group shot) and it was great to see him back in the mix.  

Lawrence and Ryan on the other hand did walk away with a prize for the Dos threat of matching, and Patty's Day Themed ensambles. In their case, Look good Play Good actually applied as their team suprised most to finish tied for 4th overall, lead by Rockin' Ryan's 95 (I believe the first time he's broke 100 in a tournament, and for sure the first time he's beat CL Jstar) and a solid round from his father Larry. The YOUNGEST MEDIO in the MGA is really making other Medios take notice with his long drives and improving short game so don't be suprised when the kid beats you! 

New Medio and Odds on Favorite to make a run at the Chapter Money Title, Tommy Gun Cochran and his teammate Cody Jeffries ended up walking away with the Am-Am Trophies by an astounding 12 strokes. It was mentioned that had Chris "Mediocre Tiger" Garcia and Brian Carson teamed up as they had planned on before the CL asked them to make a switch (sorry guys) , they would have finished in 2nd place by a meer stroke. Instead Brian and Ricky finished just below the Mediocre line and Chris and Michael ended up in last.  I'll worry 'bout myself next time and let the chips fall as they may.  The guy everyone wanted to beat in 2017, "Screw You" Kyle and new Medio Ryan Konkler finished in 2nd at 192, and Brothers Tanner & Howie rode Tanner's strong showing (& adjusted handicap... ahem) to a 3rd place finish at 194. 

The rest of the teams finished as follows : 4T- Dr. Bob / Neal & The Kellys 196, 6- Lyman / Mario 198, 7- Jason / Gil 199, 8-Jeff M / Brian W 202  9- Brian / Ricky 208 10- Jstar / Graham 211 (Your Defending Champions) 11- Alex/ Daniel 212  12- Tim / Matt 214 13- Mike / Chris 222 

And Yes, The Defending Champions Fell on Their Face. The only thing Jstar and Gramicane won was some Pink Lady Balls which were graciously donated by IEMGA sponsor, for taking the MOST COMBINED PENALTY STROKES (17).  Least amount of Penalty Strokes went to Kyle and Ryan K. (2) who scored two Nike hats (also from Golfland Warehouse). We also debuted NEW for 2018 LONG PUTT, which Gil walked away with a Gift Certificate from our sponsor for his 9'6" putt... Hey we're still Mediocre!!! Speaking Of, Most Mediocre went to J-money Moyer who came in at 100 but also walked away with the Kinda Long prize. Kinda Close went to Gramicane... shame he waited till the 17th to hit a decent shot !!! New Medio Michael Lai came in and did what alot of first timers do and didn't play his normal game and stumbled to a 132 and claimed the Red Key. 

AND WE HAD A PLAYOFF !!! For only the 2nd time in IEMGA history, an extra hole was needed to decide the Big Check Winner. Devin and Tanner headed to the Drivable Par 4 9th hole while Medios filled the Bar Patio just above the green. A huge roar indicated  that Devin had just drove the green, and in spite of a 3 putt, Mirdie was good enough to win it and we had our Champion. What a clutch shot !!! 

Event Results

1.Devin Hundley87$1.12
2.Tanner Henry87$0.74
3.Cody Jeffries88$0.62
4.Christopher Garcia90$0.56
5.Brian Carson91$0.50
6.Tommy Cochran92$0.43
7.Kyle Rossi93$0.37
8.Jeff Muesse95$0.25
8.Tyler Janke95$0.25
8.Rockin Ryan 95$0.25
11.Neil Ashworth96$0.12
12.Mario Delgadillo97$0.06
13.Daniel Peters98$0.06
14.Gilbert Tiedt99$0.03
14.J "far from a star" Olson99$0.03
14.Ryan Konkler99$0.03
17.Brian Lopez100$0.00
17.Jason Moyer100$0.00
19.Lyman King101$0.00
19.Lawrence Kelly101$0.00
21.Matthew Denaple105$0.00
22.Jeff Olson106$0.00
23.Brian Whitworth107$0.00
23.Howard Henry IV107$0.00
25.Tim Minamyer109$0.00
26.Graham Shelton112$0.00
26.Steve Woodland112$0.00
28.Alex Larson114$0.00
29.Richard Dunham117$0.00
30.Michael Lai132$0.00

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Nice write up! Can't wait for the bastards!

Next stop, Indian Hills. I hear it is a fun course and not too many houses around. LOL