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What's up Doc!!!!!

We had a chilly start to the new year except for Doc who was on fire and took his first MGA victory with an 89.  Congrats Doc, too bad you had to go and miss this beautiful check which I am holding ransom .  It will only cost you 10% of your winnings to get it back.  Hey Doc, you are going to love the Blue tee's at Madison.  Just so you know Rick was laughing when he thought about that and to be honest so was I.  We are glad it's you and not us.

To the chagrin of Mike Foote he drew the names of the two winners of the Beautiful two headed trophy, Tony Anthony and Rick Hoffman.  This is our second year in a row winning the AMAM trophies.  Due to the late start Rick had to leave and therefore I am holding his trophy ransom also.  Damn I could make 30 to 40 cents with all this ransom money.  Rick finished second (90) and took the LONG DRIVE and GROSS AWARD.  Tony Tony came in third(91), followed by Jeff DeMarco with his 93.  Jeff tied for the MELTDOWN AWARD with a 13 stroke meltdown.  After an impressive 40 on the front 9, well, we will just leave it there.  Jeff wants to forget the back 9 but overall it was a good day on the links for Jeff as he took the CLOSEST TO THE PIN, which of course was on the front 9.

I would like to welcome all the newbies this year.  We have had a good influx of mediocrity this year.  I must say it would be hard to find a more mediocre group of newbies anywhere in the country.  The highest finishing rookie was Leonard Lopez(Lope) with a 94 which was good enough for 5th place.  Look how excited he is about his first ever MGA check.



Following Lope with a 95 and still sore about pulling the wrong names was Mike Foote. 

Finishing in a tie for 7th were veteran golfer Scott Gibson and Rookie Mike Bonacci.  Their 97's were a solid start to the year and made sure both are in the money.  If they share their winnings who knows what they could buy.

Mike was also our MOST MEDIOCRE golfer.  He was shocked at how much bling this honor gave him.

Two more Rookies tied for 9th.  Congrats to Dennis Spicuzza and Jeff Petrelli.  A respectable 98 left them both thinking if that one putt had just gone in I would not be in this pic with this guy.

Scott Hinsch rode his 100 to an 11th place finish.  Seriously there is a check in the pic.  We just had to zoom out so far to get Scott in the pic.  That's one tall dude and one little bitty check.

Congratulations to Mike Hamwey on his 103 taking 12th place.  When he and I talked before the tourney he said "trust me I am mediocre" and he was speaking the gospel.  At least he looks happy to have a check.  Guess we forgot to tell him the bank won't cash it.


Bryan Bercik came in 13th with a 111.  Considering he played with Rick and Jeff, I consider that a solid start to his season.

Two Newbies had a hard fought battle for the RED KEY.  Dave Hooper's 124 was just not bad enough and he had to settle for 14th place.  Taking the RED KEY and looking forward to moving up to the Red Tee's next tourney was Gary Shaffnit with a 127.  Dave was very upset he made a couple nice putts.  He kept wondering what could have been.  Gary will love the Red Tee's at Madison Club, it will be like he is playing another course.

I would like to thank everyone who braved the mid 30's temperatures for the beginning of the tournament.  Once again, if I had known it was going to be so windy I would not have worn shorts.  Let's continue the strong start to the year and if you know anyone interested in joining have them contact me.  SEE YOU AT THE BASTARD'S.

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