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When JJ come...JJ wins!! AND is blurry

         JJ came and ran through Poppy Ridge to drop a 36 on the front 9 and have the biggest meltdown with a 45 on the back. That didn't stop JJ, who finished with an 81 (88), from taking the gold medallion and chain. There is no evidence of JJ accepting the trophy and check, though I did talk his representatives about a picture that I guess I will not get. JJ is the Barry Bonds of the PMGA. No dough, No show.  Finishing in 2nd was Larry Morgan with an 84 (89), going 42, 42. Larry is Mr. Steady Eddy this year. Getting longest drive is guest Blake Smith. Closest to the pin was won by another guest John Gunderson. All shots were consumed since they left early;)  Getting the key to reds was between Josh Vining and Bill 'Will.I.AM.' Bailey. BAiley edged Vining by 5 strokes and has earned Lifetime Achievment award for most red keys ever! October 11 is at Las Positas come get some. 

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Did I see JJ walking Poppy ? shoots an 81/88. You cant walk and win in the MGA thats not medicore thats like pro shit. The semis of the match play were epic. a few good shots and plenty of mediocre shoots at best. I shit the bed on 17 with which almost cost me the match and certainly fucked myself out of the trophy , if thats what you call it. Luv that course. we should just have all the tourneys there in bubble mode like the NBA and MLB. .