Chapter News

Where did 2018 go?

They say that time passes faster with each year that you age.  Based on this I actually believe it has only been two weeks been since I wrote the last article.   So here is a quick update of the last 14 days in Billdozer years.

First of all we sent a powerful team to the regional championship where the Billdozer shot a solid 84 to retain the regional championship title and plaid jacket for CINMGA as Dan ‘Salsa’ Harold had taken it last year.  Also combining the Billdozer withTim Grimes and Dave Gibbons we took home the chapters cup by a full 20 strokes over the next chapter.    Not bad considering there were seven chapters competing for the cup this year.



Based on this solid result, we confidently headed to the Buckeye cup determined to bring it back to its rightful owners here in CINMGA.  It was a record turnout of five teams from around Ohio and competition was tough.   While we played well we fell just short.  Athens took home the trophy for the second straight year.  We actually tied them in total points at 13 ½,  however, just like in the Ryder Cup, you must win the cup outright and a tie allows the previous winner to retain the Cup.


Following the Buckeye club we spend a couple of weekends trying to get in the Douche bag played.   First, rain closed the course and caused us to delay our first event ever on CINMGA.   This dropped attendance dramatically for the second outing a couple weeks later at Legendary Run where they stuck us behind a horribly slow outing for a fun six hours.  A third of the field had to leave early based on this and so the Billdozer’s win seemed a little less sweet and netted only about half of the normal prize money.


We wrapped up the season with a solid turnout for the Last Gasp on a pretty day at the Mill Course.   Jeff Gilbert showed up with his A game taking home top money for his second win of the season.  


The Billdozer hung in there with a fourth place finish which was enough to take home the chapter money championship for 2018.  Tim Grimes missed that last tournament and still finished a close second playing only six tournaments.  Dave Ratajczak had a horrible year by his standards and only DQ’ed once to prove he is one of us.    He did play well enough to win once this year and to take home third on the chapter overall money list.   Jeff’s win jumped to fourth on the chapter money list for the year.  Doc only needed five tournaments to secure his fifth place finish on the money list.


Finally we set off a strong team to the world championships with high hopes.  As in past years are games did not necessarily match our hopes.  Dave Ratajczak lead us home in 58th place (out of 262 finishers) followed up by the Billdozer in 63rd and Dennis Hirotsu in 93rd.  The showing took us from fifth overall in last year’s MGAWC chapter’s cup to 15th overall, barely staying in the top half of the 31 chapters that competed.   Regardless, we had a wonderful time and the six of us can hardly wait to get back for the 11th annual MGAWC, taking about 6 more of you guys with us. (Rich missed the official team picture, calling in that morning with an excuse about being 'under the weather'.    I think the girl with her knee in his crotch was named Stormy!!  I'm not sure if these two facts are related! :-))



Since we are operating in a time warp, I have put together a tentative CINMGA schedule for 2019!    Mark your calendar so you don’t miss any of the mediocre action.   I will send out the course survey soon and start work on booking the courses in January.   It’s going to be another great year so tell all your non-douchebag friends to come out and join us.!

January 18 – Indoor or Top Golf (sadly Swing 365 is closed)

March 9 – El Presidente Cup

March 30 – Rebel Beach Am/Am

April 20 – The Bastards

May 18 – The Fore

June 22 – The FU Open

July 13 – The Bratish

July 27 - BS Cup

August 3 – The MGA

August 17 – The Regional Championship

September 7 – The Douchebag Invitational

September 14 – The Buckeye Cup

October 5 – The Last Gasp

November 15-16 – The MGAWC in VEGAS!