Chapter News

In which we learn Liquid Death is not a performance-enhancing drug

Welcome to Asheville, Phillip! The escape from Tampa turned out to be the charm as Phillip managed to be the only golfer to break 100 and claim the first major on in the 2021 Asheville MGA season, conquering all comers and #muderingallthirsts of the clearly overhydrated Ashevile Medios.

Cummings cove is tucked away in far Henderson County, hidden from sight and shielded from GPS, but 10 brave medios made it to the course on time for an early start to find that the Chapter Leader had forgotten the trophies, but remembered the Liquid Death.  Thanks to El Presidente and the fine people at Liquid Death for taking us to dangerous levelf of pre-round hydration.  We all got together to #murderourthirsts and then #shankitoffthetee. 

Cummings Cove was in great shape and the weather was perfect, but the elevation and trees took their toll on our medios as there were some mighty meidiocre scores in this set.  George in particular had a magnificant collapse on the back nine, turning in an 11-stroke meltdown for a clearly-needed stress ball. New medio Paul was locked in a tight battle with Alex for the Key to the Red tee, but Paul's trick of finding some range balls to play the last few holes with saw him to just sneak ahead, and Alex takes the red tee for the first time this year.

Brian took his advantage from the key to the red tee from the Am-Am and climbed solidly to the middle of the field, claiming the medio.  Will his rise continue with no advantage in the MGA? Enquiring minds want to know.

There may be an advantage to playing with the Chapter Leader, but John and Janis swapped their roles from the Am-Am, John finding the middle of the green on hole number 5 for kinda close, and Jan slamming a drive to the dead center of the 18th fairway.

In the end the big check and the trucker cap belong to Phillip by a canter. A 9-stroke victory and some sort of devastating short game - Cummings cove for some reason has 6 par 3s and Phillip carded four mirdies and two mars an impressive display. Phillip will be back to defend at the world-famous Asheville Municipal course on June 6th.

Event Results

1.Phillip Chamberlain 97$0.79
2.George Heard106$0.48
2.John Taylor106$0.48
4.tim aldinger109$0.39
5.Brian Randall112$0.35
6.Janis Taylor114$0.31
7.Tomas Seijo120$0.26
8.Christopher Capezzali121$0.22
9.Paul Smithson127$0.18
10.Alexander Dontchos 133$0.13