Mga News

World Wins Medio Cup!


World's Dills defeated El Presidente 1 up

"To be the man, you've got to beat the man. Woo!" - Dills

"It was nuts man." - El Presidente


World's Esquibel defeated Kristie 7&6

"So there I was 19 up after 16 holes on the 17th green thinking if Willie drains this 64-foot triple break up and downhill putt, Jon can’t beat him on 18 and the World could get 2 points. For those who care Rob and I pushed the last hole." - Esquibel

"Shanks, hozel rockets, whatever they are called I had them.  At least I got to watch Jon vs Willie." - Kristie


SF's Nguyen defeated Hostert 3&2

"Morgan Freeman voice - The match was nearly out of reach for Keith when he saw me blast a majestic 3 wood off the tee on the 13th hole. It was then that he knew and he said: “Wow. That shot warrants a dick sucking from me.”  He spent the remainder of the round defending the difference between what he said and what he meant.  Our match probably gave him another reason to hate SF." - Nguyen

"Losing my individual match put me at rock bottom.  Then the World Team won the Medio cup and like the chrysalis I transformed...into something more... something powerful. Behold Keith Michael Hostert...POWER BOTTOM!"  -Hostert


World's Ittner defeated Nessi 3&2

“Chad would have won, if he didn’t drink a pint of Jameson!” -Ittner

"ZZZZzzzzzz" -Nessi


World's Fuller defeated Koth 4&2

"Not available for comment." -Fuller

"Bret Fuller is a monster golfer, and I am requesting a full investigation into his so-called MGA credentials. I consider the result of this match to be under protest until this audit is complete." - Koth


World's Strack defeated Giosso 1up

"Not available for comment." - Strack

"John Stack had no idea what FTW meant so when he found out he said, "it should be Fuck the Wind" - Giosso


SF's Sanders defeated Carlson 1up

"Not available for comment." - Sanders

"Not available for comment." - Carlson


Benoit defeated Hicks 5&3

"I can't believe Willie beat Jon." -Benoit

"I kept it close but every time I thought I had him on a hole (probably 3-4 times) he would make a miracle 15-foot putt and rip out my soul. That was the difference." -Hicks


Marty/Plemons defeated Valenzuela/Robin 5&4

"Mike Plemons is chipping in as we speak." - Marty

(The site crashes if I try to use the emoji's Mike included, so just imagine the "oh fuck" emoji at the start of each sentence). "The look on your opponents face after shooting 1 over par through 6 holes. The look on your face after shooting double bogey or worse the rest of the way." -Plemons

"Mike started the match off by playing the best golf I’ve ever seen. Even his 8 double bogeys in row on the back 9 couldn’t let us recover." - Valenzuela

"Mike Plemons came out smoking hot shooting 1 over par after the first 7 holes.   He cooled down in the second half but the damage was done." - Robin


Davidson/Jonsson defeated Bedell/Morgan 5&4

"Even a broken clock is right twice a day." - Davidson

"Sometimes you play the best when you feel the worst." - Jonsson

"No excuses.  We justed sucked worse than the other team." - Bedell

"I'd like to see Chris play when he's had some sleep!!" - Morgan