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The Year of the Ryan(s)

Facing long odds, The Youngest Medio in the MGA, "Rockin" Ryan Kelly, sits tied for #1 on the MGA GML with his first Big Check Win !!!


Ryan Davis (R.P.D.) , the IE's only multiple big check winner from 2018, Teams with D.Y. (Dave Young) for a superteam that wouldn't be beat !!


And One Impressive Streak is Snapped while another Unimpressive Streak Continues.... 

MURRIETA, CA- The Golf Gods must really like us... So Far this year we've had tournaments on the two nicest weather days in a solid four month span. The Mryder Cup (YG's 6 - OG's 4... Congrats) was a hardfought event that will definitely be returning in 2021, and felt downright warm at times with the temperature reaching around 78F. Even in So Cal that's untypically warm for Late January. Since then it's been a barrage of rain and sub-50's Highs, which made the 60's-low70's round at the AmAm feel like you were slipping into the arms of El Presidente's loving embrace...  

Anyways, As Mentioned, RPD and D.Y. took home the Am-Am trophies by the margin of 3 strokes. D.Y. also took Low Gross with his 81 (+9) & finished in 2nd, RPD in a tie for 3rd. They both finished Top 10 in 2018 and odds are 2019 will be no different, but you can sure try to prove me wrong. 

2018 CML Champion & 1/2 of the reinging AmAm Champions, Tommy Gun, teamed up with Rookie Medio Shane Wells, and came in 2nd. Still no repeat winners but Tommy will have his chance again next month at The Bastards. He also grabbed yet another Kinda Close... Shane on the other hand matched Tommy's Net 93 and is definitely one of the new Medios to watch this year as he tries to hold on to his early spot on the Top 10 Chapter Money List.

And 3rd place went to Mr. Mediocre Lawrence Kelly and his son Rockin Ryan. Lawrence actually did win Most Mediocre on the day and adds to his total of Most, Most Mediocre's in IEMGA history. He just missed out on winning Mediocre Golfer of the Year in 2017, but he's off to a good start for 2019!! Rockin Ryan on the other hand, shot his Best Tournament round ever and 2nd best round in his life, to carry the team into contention. To put in a little more perspective on how stunning this truly was, Ryan has only broke 100 in a tournament once before (95)  in 15 tries!!! No One including themselves would have picked them to finish Top 3 as a team, let alone Ryan win outright... it really was such an awesome suprise and probably drew the 2nd biggest applause on the day (more on that to come).    

Here's how some of the other teams fared:

4th- Rookie's John Dapsis & Mike Archer 194

5th- "Flash" Ashworth (banked it off the pin)  & The Pain Train 196

6th- Jstar & Gramicane (2017 AmAm Champions) 198

7th- Gilbo Baggins (MGAWC18 Spirit Animal) & Jmoney (who bombed a drive off the course but caught a riccochet back towards the green) 200

8th- Eric "Bear" Matteson (14th @MGAWC18) & Tiger Garcia were one of the favorites to contend for the trophies but had to settle for being the Most Mediocre team on the day at 202. Their Mediocre results did however win them a twosome to come back to Rancho Cal... which btw was in really good condition. If you haven't played there for years it's for sure worth another trip.  

We had several of the Ladies come out as guests in 2018, But 2019 brings us our 1st actual Female Member. Krista (yet to be nicknamed) McPherson really impressed the group despite her 121 score. She Outdrove her foursome almost half of the time and hit some solid iron shots. Honestly, after seven years off from the game, the rust in her swing was already chipping away by midway through the round and if only a freaking putt would've falled (the pin placements were pretty diabolical) she would've had a better score. Either way, looks like she'll be kickin a few Medios asses every month so Welcome!!! ... Like we don't already have enough reasons to be humbled by our games ;) Anyways, Brian Carson didn't do her any favors by teaming up with her as he put up a 112, but they avoided coming in last place by one spot 233-236 and had a great time in the process.

Last Place did go to the team of Rookie Medio The GingerCamMan & Michael Lai, who has now won 3 Red Keys in 3 tournaments played. When this was announced it probably got the 3rd biggest cheer of the day.   

The Streak Has Ended !!! 

After a Mediocrely Impressive 16 straight tournaments with a Top 10 finish, Chris "Tiger" Garcia shot a 98 (+2) and finished 12th !!! When everyone realized it was the 1st tournament in IEMGA history he wasn't in the Top 10 they sure let him have it... hahaha... all in good fun... and I'm sure just fuel for his ambitious fire to claim Top 10 on the GML. 

And a Streak Continues...

For the 2nd Consectutive Year, CL Jstar's First Drive of the Season fails to get past the Lady Tees... FML 

In other Individual News...

Neil grabbed Kinda Long Drive even though he "didn't get it all" and like 5 other Medios smashed the shit outta it and still came up just short.  Must be that New Driver... or that Intoxicating Mix of Power and Ellegence that is his swing.  

And when a Ten-footer wins you Kinda Long Putt... 

Great start to the season 30+ Strong, and even though new Ryan's Sheppard and Jones didn't make their 1st appearance, an old Ryan from 2018 showed up... for 9 holes, and then promptly took himself and his teammate away in a cab for the season's first (and hopefully only) DNF's. Pretty Fucking Mediocre Gentlemen. Speaking of Gentlemen, Gentlemen Golfer founders Tim & Ricky did nothing of note, but they looked good in their newly designed swag (picture not found). Tim did put two balls in the water on the 135yd Kinda Close hole... that's kinda worth mentioning. See ya Bastards at the Bastards Par 3 contest (New for 2019 !!!) Cheers. 

Event Results

1.Rockin Ryan 87$1.12
2.Dave Young90$0.74
3.Ryan Davis93$0.56
3.Shane Wells93$0.56
3.Tommy Cochran93$0.56
6.Neil Ashworth94$0.40
6.Josh Olson94$0.40
8.Mike Archer95$0.31
9.Gilbert Tiedt98$0.22
9.Jeff Muesse98$0.22
11.John Dapsis 99$0.12
12.Christopher Garcia100$0.06
13.Jason Moyer102$0.04
13.Lyman King102$0.04
13.Eric Matteson102$0.04
16.Chad Youngquist104$0.02
16.Markus Doll104$0.02
16.Graham Shelton104$0.02
19.Lawrence Kelly105$0.00
20.Tim Minamyer107$0.00
20.Josh Schuler107$0.00
22.Brian Whitworth109$0.00
23.Devin Hundley110$0.00
23.Cameron McLeod110$0.00
23.Steve Woodland110$0.00
26.Brian Carson112$0.00
27.Richard Dunham117$0.00
28.Krista McPherson121$0.00
29.Tom O'LEARY124$0.00
30.Michael Lai126$0.00
31.Kyle RossiDNF$0.00

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Sigh... back to the drawing board. Great write up dude. And to think this happened within 1 week of the tournament!