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You Can Exhale Now - Spring Hill Last Gasp Results Are In

The Spring Hill Last Gasp 2018 was held at The Links Golf Club on Oct. 6th.  Pictures and commentary follow.

Event Results

1.Pete Bedell90$0.98
2.Bill Cusick91$0.65
3.Troy McNeal99$0.54
4.Leroy Hamilton100$0.46
4.David Smith100$0.46
6.gregory Bobrowski105$0.38
7.Roy Fiehler106$0.33
8.John Montagnino107$0.24
8.Paul Normandin107$0.24
10.Craig Domini113$0.14
10.david sulik113$0.14
12.Robert West115$0.05
13.John Grochowicz132$0.05
14.Sarah West136$0.04