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You Can't Know Where You're Going, If You Don't Know Where You've Been


A few of us ended an amazing 2nd season at a bucket list course (Torrey Pines North #15) because there's no better way to celebrate Mediocrity like putting up some triple digit scores at a course the Pro's are gonna play in a few weeks. At least we had a (Rough) reason for our scores... But Anyways...

2018 Was a Transitional year for the IEMGA, as our Rapid Chapter Growth led to many New Medios Dominating the Early Headlines, grabbing the first four big checks of the year. The OG's were able to win 3 out of the last 4 to save some face, but the Rivalry will come to a head at the 2019 Mryder Cup on Jan 26th at the Longest Course in So Cal, Los Serranos South.  

But before we get there and beyond, let's look back at some of the Mediocrity from the year !!! 


Our Chapter Money List Champion, Tommy "Gun" Cochran, claimed his 1st Major and Big Check at The Bastards and never trailed the rest of the way in. That's pretty impressive considering he only had the One Win on the season. But other than his 6th place solo finish at the Am-Am (he won the team portion) He finished in the Top 5 in All 6 other tournaments he played in. Missing the DBag last minute was the only time his CML title was ever in Jeopardy, as he left a window open for Mediocre Tiger to sneak in, and even though he did all he could to take it by winning, Tommy's Low Gross and 4th place at the Last Gasp was enough to bring the Hardware Home. Congrats on a triumphant Rookie Season, we'll be Gunning for you next... I mean THIS Year !!! 

Most Improved Medio of the Year

Chris "Mediocre Tiger" Garcia fell just short of the CML title but really had an impressive season none-the-less. This is a guy who in 2017 only had one score under 100 (98) while playing in all 8 tournaments. He even had a 117 & a 119. But in the 2018 regular season, Chris only carded one triple digit (100) and 7 Sub 95 Rounds including an 83 & a 88. Given he logged a truly impressive 80something Rounds in 2018, the improvement wasn't totally unforseen, but sometimes grinding it out is what it takes to get it done and grind he did. From Most Mediocre to Most Improved, Chris got the Most Most out of the season. 

Honorable Mention's went to...

"Screw You" Kyle Rossi, we all knew you had it in you, but this year you did it! 

Brian Carson, most suprising Top 10 finish on CML

Ricky "Dick" Dunham, His Average Score improved by over 20 Strokes

Mediocre Golfer of the Year

I tried to land a video interview with our 2018 Mediocre Golfer of the Year (to accept his award since he had to miss the Last Gasp) but Howie Henry proved harder to get access to than another famous Double H, Howard Hughes. But for someone who didn't win any Most Mediocre awards on the season, he sure had a handful of Mediocre moments that made him worthy of the honor. In his first ever IEMGA tournament, he gained CL Jstar's attention by demanding he clean his ball on his pants since he didn't bring a wet towel to the green he just GIR'd. In his 2nd tournament (pictured above) he repeated Jstar's 2nd shot of the year Trouser Drop on the 18th for reasons undetermined. And at the FU Open, Howie showed up rockin a legit Mullet that literally screamed 'Merica at me. And even with all the fun stuff aside, he finished dead in the middle of the CML. He had some highs with his 88 at the Bratish, but also had our chapter's first DNF after letting the rough at Tukwet get the best of him. The rest of his scores hovered in the low 100's and yet his Mediocrity somehow shined through the pack in a chapter chocked full of it.   

Most Mediocre Moment, Shot, Round of the Year

Ricky "Dick" Dunham's 23 on the Par 4 9th hole @ Indian Hills wins the dishonor without challenge this year. He is now infamous for being regularly misquoted  saying "I ain't no pussy" while pumping ball after ball into the lake trying to go for the green roughly 200 yards away instead of laying up on the fairway to the left. Ricky now holds the highest single hole score (23) and 18 hole score (148 Dbag '17) in the IEMGA. 

Most Unimproved Medio of the Year

Ricky Dick also won this award along with getting the honorable mention for Most Improved. His distinction of being not only the Most Unimproved Medio in the Inland Empire, but in the ENTIRE MGA (at the time of the Last Gasp when awarded) screamed for recognition. If anything it's a testament to how much bigger and tougher our chapter got this year, cause Ricky ain't got worse.  So we got him some lessons... he flipped us off... at least in my head

Least Mediocre Moment, Shot, Round of the Year

Jeff "Wild Turkey" Olson wins this award for the 2nd year in a row with his 2nd Hole-in-One in as many years. The only difference is that this year he had to share the honor with our very own "Screw You" Kyle's 72 @Soboba Springs. Both are amazing, both are impressive, I've never got either and you'd be hardpressed to decide which you'd rather get once in your lifetime so it was only fitting they share the honor.  

And Finally ... MGAWC18 in Vegas @ Revere & The Golden Nugget !!!


We finished T-8th in the Chapters Cup, directly behind So Cal Rivals South OC and LA, while easily defeating Orange County, Conejo Valley (La Copa Cup Holders), San Diego & Temecula (If they even count yet). 

But Individually ... it was a bit of a mixed bag ...

Dave Young (D.Y.) was one of our strongest Medios coming in to worlds and carried the 8 strokes to prove it. But in a disasterous Round 1, D.Y. dropped a 108 on the card which caused our faces to do the same... Thankfully, he more than redeemed himself by going as low as possible without DQ'ing in round two with an 80 for a combined total of 188 (+16). 

Tim Minamyer was another Medio who had a tough go at it round one. His 109 really doesn't tell the story of what happened to him, or rather, who happened to him, but I'm not gonna be the one to put that story to print, so ask him yourself if you get stuck playing with his Mediocre Ass. He also came back day 2 to shoot a respectable 99.  

Ryan Davis (99/96) and Mediocre Tiger (103/94) both played decent, but in the end it wasn't enough to make up part of the team score. I know they both felt like they left a few too many shots out there, but at least they had a great time and didn't completely shit the bed. 

Half of Our Squad (5) Played Through the LO-IQ...

And Ricky Dick didn't make it... his 127 round one put him well below the cutline but, we all expected that, and anyways he made his biggest impact in the afterhours so there was no forgetting he was there even though the annals of MGA history will not record it. Oh, and he did Improve by 11 strokes on Day 2. 

Gil also did not make the cut... but he only missed it by one stroke... even so his 110/110 was pretty respectable all things considered. And again, even though his score was not officially recorded, He Was Without a Doubt Our 2018 MGAWC Spirit Animal ... Long Live Gil and his dance moves. 

Chad on the other hand Did make the cut. His 99 on Day 1 kept him in the running for the team score but a disappointing 107 on day 2 led to a fate similar of that of Ryan and Chris. 

Brian Dr Bob Lopez also made the cut and his two day total of 93/90 (+6?) ended up being the third best score on our team. Way to show up DB!!! 




And Then There Was Bear ...

Eric "Bear" Matteson had one main reason for coming to Vegas, his shot at the Kinda Longest in the World Challenge... He came, He Saw, He Swang, It Faded, Faded... Faded Right into the rough, and was Quickly over. If it had stayed in the fairway he would have easily won but who's to say that's not the same as with any other Medios before or after, so you gave it a go and she went. But he was leading the team after day one with a 92 so all was not lost. 

On Day 2 Bear knew he was in the running for the belt sitting in 20th or so heading out, and with the pressure on he followed it up with a 94. It wasn't the sub 90's round he is capable of, but his two day total of 186 was Best in the Chapter and good enough for a tie for 14th overall at MGAWC18 !!! As the only member of our chapter to finish in the money at worlds, he was raised up on our shoulders and paraded all the way from Revere down to Fremont St. (And no this obviously didn't happen) but the sentiment was there. 


And Finally ...

I showed up at world's extremely grateful and humbled that I even made the Top 10 CML after winning it the year prior. Last year at MGAWC17' I shot 116/109. This year 93/100... and I mentally battled for that 100 after giving away way too many strokes on the Hole-in-two challenge with an 8 after I was pin high in 1... FML, I'll never forgive myself for that one... unforced errors.... anyways, I really had a shot at the belt but didn't score when I needed to and ultimately fell short yet again, but came in 2nd overall on the team and T-40th out of 220. Not to Bad...

And now this is the time when I thank everyone for the season. A Big Thank you to all of our Host Courses, Things almost always ran smoothly and we were able to give away some awesome additional prizes this year thanks to many of your generous donations. A Half-Thanks goes out to our Former Sponsor Golfland Warehouse, who sent us a few prizes and some unused gift certificates for Half the season. And of course, Thank you to all of our Medios for adding your own special .... well the french have a word for it but I don't fuckin know it... to the league.  I love meeting all the new personalities and golf demons out on the course to share the game we love / hate. It's really crazy for me to think that some of my closest friends today, I didn't know Two Years Ago... I mean I met them all in my Numbchuck training class at the Y , but it leads me to think that somewhere, somehow, someway, the same thing might happen through the MGA. 


Tentative Schedule for 2019 will be up soon !!!

Pay Your League Dues After Jan 6th, and get ready for The Mryder Cup on 1/26 @ Los Serranos South

& La Copa to follow in February (hopefully). 

I Love You All.... But Only Kinda.... Happy New Year