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Your Votes & The 2024 Schedule

Shoutout again to everyone that made the kickoff party, we had a great group & a great time. Little history on how we got here, normally in February, I pick the dates & courses for our season and try to lock them in best I can, while watching my family’s event calendar. This year, I decided to try something new, and let the group decide during a session modeled after the raucous proceedings of English Parliament. It went like this: 


Chair would take nominations from the floor on a tournament starting with the date it should be held. The preferred dates were put on a board and anyone with votes tallied their choice. The highest vote total advanced as the preferred date, and we went on to do the same with course selection, all while clanging glasses, cheering, booing and hissing throughout. It fuckin ruled. In a huge twist for this year we are officially pairing the DBag with the 1st annual PNW cup against Seattle and Portland Chapters, details below. With a belly full of Kokanee and Lance’s generous tequila shooters I was able to capture the following preferred schedule for 2024 as voted on by your peers:


The Rebel Beach AmAm

Saturday, March 16th

Wandermere Golf Course

This is, of course, weather dependent and assumes the course will be open. The course has held this date for us and we probably won’t have confirmation until the week before. I would strongly suggest clearing out March 23rd as a backup on your calendar, but democracy spoke to keep this team tourney at Wandy for another year.


The Bastards (major)

Sunday, April 28th

Indian Canyon Golf Club

Although votes were split, IC pulled ahead as the favorite for that historical Masters feel. A traditional unlike any other, we also decided to move to a Sunday, because anyone who’s anyone knows Masters & Bastards should be a special Sunday in April. Honorable mention to last year’s champ Nick K who will be hosting the previous winners’ breakfast this year. The pro shop has this date confirmed, tee times start at 9:27a.


The MGA (major)

Saturday, May 18th

Downriver GC

In what was probably the most contentious vote of the evening, this date and course won by a razor thin margin and a proxy tie-breaker vote. Here’s hoping the Marshall stays the fuck off our dicks this year…


The FU Open (major)

Saturday June 22nd

Esmerelda GC

Another wild twist, we’re hitting the hillyard country club in June rather than the fall. The switch to the PNW Cup helped get us opened up to another date for this course. America, bitches.


The British Open (major)

Saturday July 20th

Deer Park GC

Great discussion and nominations for everyone’s favorite trophy, we all agreed the tourney should stay on a links course. However, votes were cast, dates were hotly debated and we landed back out at Deer Park. I’m psyched to head back there, it’s always been a fun place and there’s talk of organizing a camp out for this one like we used to do and I’m all in.


The FORE Championship

Friday August 9th 


As any good politician does, K-Bear made compelling arguments for this course throughout the evening and was able to whip the votes into play. I’m honestly stoked about this one too, and was shocked that the group was down for another weekday event, which I also think is badass. So get those time-off requests in now, fuckers, and let’s get ready to rip it up at a new venue. August is historically our lowest attended event with families on vacay, hoping this Friday switch will help with that too so you can keep your weekends clear.


The Douchebag Invitational


The 1st Annual PNW Cascadia Cup vs. SEA & Portland

Saturday September 21st, 11a

Apple Tree Resort & GC Yakima, WA

The SEA and Portland chapter leaders reached out and asked if we would be down to finally get this annual cup going. The group agreed that the best way to get this attended is to pair it with our Doucehbag, instead of adding a separate event. I’ll keep working logistics with the other leaders, but the plan is to play tourney golf along with match play against the other chapters for the cup. We’ve toyed with this idea for years and it’s finally happening!


The Last Gasp

Saturday October 12th

Latah (Hangman)

In a humongous upset, we will not be at Qualchan this year - which may have been a ploy to keep Johnny Hundo’s from running the gamut on consecutive wins for this event. Fall golf is still in play and we’ve done later events at this course in the past so I think it will work out great. 


So there you have it. Huge caveat here that I should note - there’s always a chance the courses don’t have the same ideas as us and may not get us these exact dates, but I’ll do my best to lock in what I can. Wandy & IC are both booked, so we at least have the next few months planned. As soon as I can, I’ll update any changes to the website and notify through the GroupMe of anything that doesn’t jive. That’s enough for now, cheers boys, as always I can’t fuckin wait to see you out for another great season.



Chapter Daddy

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