This page shows who improved their MGA Tour finishes the most and who headed sharply in the other direction. Players must have competed in at least three events each year to be measured, so the current season will not appear until chapters play their third event of the year.

(UN)Improvement Records
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(UN) Improvement
1John Burgess3316.679.337.33
2Bruce Campbell6312.677.005.67
3Amy Fields7313.578.674.90
4Jeff Sims737.574.003.57
5Bret Fuller837.634.333.29
6Daniel Powell836.504.332.17
7JJ Gee 5311.409.332.07
8Eliott Nicholson632.832.330.50
9Russell Ward6310.6710.330.33
10Nick Lazenby834.003.670.33
11Carl "Chilly Dip" Canestrano735.575.67-0.10
12Bruce J Henry835.886.33-0.46
13Les Smith532.002.67-0.67
14Richard Blank5316.6017.33-0.73
15Christopher Kirksey632.334.33-2.00
16Freddy Fredericks 537.209.33-2.13
17Stephen Raymore737.8610.00-2.14
18Tom Wilkes836.508.67-2.17
19Christian Medina733.716.00-2.29
20Scott Buckelew737.7110.00-2.29
21Joseph Keselyak5310.0013.33-3.33
22Don Crawford832.636.00-3.38
23Chris Blosser536.8012.00-5.20
24Pete Bedell835.0010.33-5.33
25Eric Law838.6315.67-7.04
26Brian Campbell3320.6729.67-9.00
27Gregory Boast3314.3324.33-10.00