5'10'' (since 5/5/1997)
171.5 (as of 6/22/10 @10am)
A driver and possibly 3 and 5 woods. Most irons although I recently discovered I no longer have a 9. I don't believe in sand wedges because one should assume they aren't going to need it. A Medicus 5 iron. A pitching wedge, loft unknown. And a putter that is a slight step up from a mini golf putter but seems to get the ball in the hole in 2 or less putts most of the time. Honestly, my Nike bag is probably my most expensive piece of equipment which is strange since I refuse to play golf without a cart and therefore do not actually need a good bag. Although it does have a very large pocket that is great for storing range balls.
01/22/1980. Sometime mid morning in Walnut Creek, CA. It was slightly overcast and the crowd quietly watched with much anticipation. "It appears to be a boy... kinda hard to tell though," one man quietly declared. Followed by "I have been delivering babies for 20 years and if I had to guess, this kid is not right in the head." Onlookers tightened their lips and disappointingly shook hands with one another. My mom smiled and then my dad filled out my birth certificate incorrectly. That and filling this profile out while consuming multiple beers via Bully at Ben & Nicks at 2:30pm on a Tuesday. Which reminds me of one of my favorite inspirational quotes: "Remember, somewhere, someone is practicing and when you meet in competition he will win because while he was practicing you were drinking beers at Ben & Nicks and eating a chicken sandwich with cheese and bacon."
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06/24/201211035Event: San Francisco F.U. Open 2012
03/4/201211338.6Event: San Francisco Rebel Beach Am-Am 2012
07/16/2011111NASan Francisco Bratish Open 2011
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EventEvent DateScorePlace"Money"
San Francisco F.U. Open 20126/24/201211038th$0
San Francisco Rebel Beach Am-Am 20123/4/201211332nd$0
San Francisco Bratish Open 20117/16/201111120th$0
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