above average for a 'burquena'
below average for a 'burquena'
Does it really matter...Medios shouldn't really care
tunes,two putters,orange bridgestones.
I nailed a nice old guy in the head with a ball at ADO a few years ago. Why would you go out to rake weeds on the course, outside of your fence, right by the tee?? He was an instant target. My bad
Event Scores

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10/19/201914969.8Event: Albuquerque The Last Gasp 2019
08/24/201912453.1Event: Albuquerque FORE! Championship 2019
06/22/201912245.9Event: Albuquerque F.U. Open 2019
05/18/201913970.1Event: Albuquerque The MGA 2019
03/30/201912450.2Event: Albuquerque Rebel Beach Am-Am 2019
10/20/201815176.7Event: Albuquerque The Last Gasp 2018
09/29/201813959.7Event: Albuquerque Douche Bag Invitational 2018
09/8/201814870.9Event: Albuquerque The MGA 2018
07/7/201813864.5Event: Albuquerque Bratish Open 2018
06/16/201815068.3Event: Albuquerque F.U. Open 2018
05/19/201812861.3Event: Albuquerque FORE! Championship 2018
04/14/201813064.1Event: Albuquerque The Bastards 2018
03/24/201812451.5Event: Albuquerque Rebel Beach Am-Am 2018
10/14/201712854.3Event: Albuquerque The Last Gasp 2017
09/16/201712446.3Event: Albuquerque Douche Bag Invitational 2017
07/8/201712848.4Event: Albuquerque Bratish Open 2017
06/10/201713153.7Event: Albuquerque F.U. Open 2017
05/20/201713661.3Event: Albuquerque FORE! Championship 2017
04/15/201714364.1Event: Albuquerque The Bastards 2017
03/25/201713051.7Event: Albuquerque Rebel Beach Am-Am 2017
10/8/201612255.8Event: Albuquerque The Last Gasp 2016
09/17/201612951.9Event: Albuquerque Douche Bag Invitational 2016
08/13/201613161.8Event: Albuquerque The MGA 2016
07/10/201614066.4Event: Albuquerque Bratish Open 2016
06/18/201615675.7Event: Albuquerque F.U. Open 2016
05/21/201613357.6Event: Albuquerque FORE! Championship 2016
04/16/201614161.4Event: Albuquerque The Bastards 2016
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