We all love golf and most of us have played for years, yet somehow we still suck at it. Since the PGA Tour stopped returning our calls a long time ago, we created our own league in 2006. Since then, the MGA has gone global with chapters golfing, enjoying beer and meeting cool (no douche bags allowed) new people worldwide!


How it works:


Any non-douche who "gets it" is welcome to join their local chapter or start their own if there's no chapter near them. Chapters create a logo and get a chapter page for their city.


All MGA chapters run the same eight stroke play tournaments each year, where bogey golf has a good shot to win. Every tournament features trophies, awards and kinda big checks for over 1.12 "dollars"! Money lists and stats are kept for all players. Just like those rich, gifted people on that other tour.


The MGA World Championship is held at the end of each season in Vegas. To add to the fun, the MGA fantasy league lets you put your crappy friends on your fantasy team!



If you're still with us and want a shot at the Claret Juggs and other great trophies, watch the video below and then join a Chapter or check out this page for some more information about getting a chapter started in your town. You won’t regret it. In fact, it just might be the greatest decision you ever made.


-El Presidente Jon "Lucky Kick" Morley




We pride ourselves on keeping the MGA full of people who "get it". If you're not dying to be a part of the MGA at this point, it may not be right for you.


"Testimonials are stupid and I don't know why I have them on the site."

Jon Morley, El Presidente


"The MGA is the best thing I’ve ever been a part of, and I’ve been a part of a lot of things."

Mike Plemons, San Francisco MGA


"I gotta say buddy, I love the MGA, my role, the excitement my buddies picked up on immediately, and your support and organization you put into this thing.  I am really stoked that I reached out to you a couple years ago and followed through with this.  It has been a blast buddy and I look forward to years of it."

Aaron Regan, Seattle MGA Chapter Leader


"Only problem with MGA is we have to wait a whole month for next tourney!  Maybe you should go weekly!"

Thanks for the help,

Brian Behncke, San Diego MGA, Briven Construction Inc. 


First off, I had a great time at the MGA Championship this year and hope to continue doing this forever! Everyone I met in the MGA was awesome and the dudes I golfed with will hopefully be lifelong friends. With all this positive shit out of the way, let’s talk about my rounds of golf at this year’s championship.

Steve Scheuermann, OCMGA